Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fortune Telling + Coffee

   So, there is a tradition in Iceland regarding coffee drinking and the telling of fortunes. Of course, Sam
   and I were very intrigued, and asked everyone we met if they knew someone who could perform such an act. At Kaffismidja, Sonya was kind enough to give us a demonstration of the technique. Apparently, Sam is going to have a baby soon...(circle at the bottom of the cup). 

We managed to find a woman who was the real deal. This is how you do it:

1. Drink a black cup of coffee.
2. Turn the cup over and circle it around your head three times, and then draw a cross in front of you with the mug, while blowing on it. 
(got that?)
3. Afterwards, turn the cup upside down.
4. Allow the sediment dry.
5. Let fortune telling ensue. 
6. Then, make sure that you drink some other liquid out of the cup in order for the fortune to come true. 

Wish you knew what she said, huh? 
Some pretty spooky stuff!

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