Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our arrival in Gothenburg began on a rainy late afternoon. We had time to enjoy a cappuccino and take a quick look around Da Matteo in Victoriapassagen before heading to the hostel in the pouring rain. 

To our surprise, we awoke early the next morning to the sun a shinin' and the birds a chirpin'. We embarked on our cafe hunt with a trip to the neighborhood Haga, where we found a plentiful amount of cafes awaiting documentation. 


We then made our way to the center of the city where we visited Bar Centro, which is an Italian inspired cafe and then to Mauritz Kaffe, the oldest cafe in the city.

Bar Centro

Mauritz Kaffe

Over to the Majorna we went to find Two Little Birds Cafe, a hand crafted coffee shop that specializes in organic coffee and baked goods. 

Two Little Birds Cafe

We finished up our short trip with a visit to the other Da Matteo cafe and their roastery and bakery across the street. 

Da Matteo

It was a busy and exciting trip to Gothenburg, and very necessary to our documentation and analysis of Nordic Cafe Culture, as cafes are prized places of gathering in this city. Thank you to our lovely tour guides (Louise and Erik) and to the many cafe owners we had the good fortune to interview. 

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