Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kaffe Verket at Snickerbacken 7

Sam and I had a difficult time finding Kaffe Verket. We walked up and down the main shopping street in Stockholm; Birger Jarlsgatan, for about an hour, searching for Snickerbacken 7. On the verge of giving up, we glimpsed a white bicycle advertising our destination, somewhat intrigued and very relieved, we promptly turned left to follow the arrow.

A few months ago, before arriving in Scandinavia, we came across this cafe on Emma's Design Blog, and have been keen to visit it ever since we arrived in Stockholm. Although it was hard to find, the space, the coffee, and the food were worth the search.

What I found so incredible about Snickerbacken 7 is the architecture (I wonder why..). It was constructed as a horse carriage stable in the late 1800's, then served as a garage, then an office space, and now is part cafe, part meeting area, and part commercial space. Quite transformative to say the least...

Kaffe Verket is the first thing you experience upon entering the structure. The space has 'modern' elements while also allowing the historic architecture to breath. The cafe focuses on making quality coffee and food, which you can catch a glimpse of while standing in line. The pastry display is extra beautiful, and we were drooling over everything on their lunch menu; the 'pulled pork glassnudlar with sugar snaps and mango salsa' was particularly eye catching (and I'm a vegetarian!).

What's so special about this cafe is its interaction with the space it inhabits. There is a very public feel as you come off of the street, and into the entryway of the building, where the cafe exists. Then, once you grab your coffee and croissant, you walk down the hallway littered with brass table tops, and feel the walls a bit closer and the light a bit dimmer as you enter the back room where there is a large table for groups to eat, or people to meet. From there you can peruse the two lovely shops that occupy this space, or just take in the coziness and sit for a bit.

Well done. Well done. 

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